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About Jim Reilly

Jim’s experience includes a trifecta of criminal law expertise. Jim is a former DA investigator, Prosecutor and Public Defender. This background benefits you in many ways. If a case is in the pre-file stage (no charges have been filed yet), Jim can anticipate how the police will conduct their investigation and can advise you appropriately. If we're preparing for trial, Mr. Reilly’s experience as a prosecutor gives him the insight to poke holes in the state's case.

Jim is a staunch, single-minded advocate with years of experience and a proven track record. He has represented individuals in cases ranging from DUIAssault and Domestic Violence cases to serious felonies including Grand Theft, Kidnapping, and Sex Crimes. While defending these clients, Mr. Reilly achieved the remarkable success that you should demand from your attorney.


Criminal Law Experience

- Prosecutor - Deputy Attorney General
As an environmental prosecutor Jim took on the big polluters. As a Deputy Attorney General Jim helped the State collect 27 million dollars in environmental penalties. Jim also served on the Attorney General’s Sexually Violent Predator Appeal Task Force.

- Public Defender 
As a public defender, Jim aggressively represented hundreds of clients. He handled cases ranging from DUI’s, to drug offenses, to assault cases.

- Investigator - Manhattan DA’s Office
Jim worked as an investigator in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. There he learned from the best how to extensively and thoroughly investigate a crime scene. This experience formed the basis of Jim’s comprehensive criminal law background.

- Criminal Defense Clinic
At Rutgers Law School, Jim participated in the Criminal Defense Clinic. There he gained valuable Trial experience in Essex County Criminal Court.

- Specialized Criminal Defense Training
Jim has taken three National Institute of Trial Advocacy Trainings.

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