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Jim is the absolute best! I had a very complex case and interviewed over fifteen other attorneys over three months before I confidently went with Jim. What caught my attention besides his twenty years of experience and stats,  was the fact that he displayed integrity from the bat. I could tell that he really cared about my outcome and put in the necessary time while being efficient with the hours. I highly applaud my own decision to trust my gut, and the case went in my favor on all counts.

Jim worked super hard on my case. He fought with the insurance company to get me a six figure settlement from my car accident.
Jim got most of my criminal charges dismissed and the one I plead to was significantly reduced. I didn’t even have to go to Court. He appeared for me.
We hired Jim when my nephew got a DUI. Jim worked strategically to get the charges reduced to a Wet Reckless.
After my car accident my mother called Jim. He came to the hospital that day. Jim worked closely with me to achieve a substantial six figure settlement in my case.

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