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Open air drug dealing in San Francisco

A discussion around the lack of law enforcement response to the problem of open air drug dealing in San Francisco. Failure of the San Francisco DA's Office to prosecute these felonies.

Law Office of Jim Reilly.


The failure of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin to prosecute the overwhelming number of felony domestic violence arrests is deeply troubling.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s has a lower filing rate of felony domestic violence charges compared to his predecessor. In 2020, charges were filed in only 15 percent of the 885 arrests made by the San Francisco Police Department. --->

We all know that there has been a property crime wave here in the Bay Area. Porch pirates are individuals who steal Amazon packages and other packages people have ordered online as they are delivered to our porches and the doorsteps of our apartment buildings. The property crime wave, which has been particularly extreme here in San Francisco and Oakland is not likely to subside anytime soon. It does not seem that the respective police forces have an effective plan to combat this property crime wave.

David Campos is the Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. This is a tremendously time-consuming endeavor. Even though it is a volunteer position it could be a full-time job for anyone. The number of hours that one has to dedicate to a job of this nature is overwhelming. --->

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