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F.A.Q. for Criminal Defense

No, the US constitution, as well as the Federal and State laws, do not require an individual who has been arrested to speak to the authorities. The decision of whether or not to speak to the police is a very important one and it should be evaluated with your attorney as soon as possible. Please do not make any statement to the police without first consulting me.

F.A.Q. for Personal Injury

1. You should seek medical care as quickly as possible. Please see a doctor. If you are seriously injured take an ambulance to the Emergency Room. Injuries from car accidents are not always apparent right away. If you are feeling sore and injured the next day or a couple days later, do not hesitate to seek medical care. Please be sure to follow up and complete any recommendations your doctor gives you.

2. Do your best to obtain the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Be sure to exchange insurance information with the other driver.

3. If the police respond, be sure to get the police report number. Police officers will often (but not always) write a report about the accident. If they do you really want to get the police report number so we can obtain the report on your behalf.

4. Do not make any statements about the accident. Specifically, do not speak to an insurance company investigator or claims adjuster. Please also refrain from making any statements on social media as those could be used against you as well.

5. Please be sure to document your lost wages. That is, how much time you have to take off from work due to the accident or how much lost income you experience.

6. Please take photos of your injuries and also of the damage to your car.

7. I recommend speaking with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. I am here to assist you in any way shape or form should you need some advice in a situation like this.

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